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Resources | Compact Sealers & Irons

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General Questions


Stand and Jaw Sealer wobble

Heat Seal recommends that the Model 4 stand for jaw sealers is lagged to the floor to avoid wobbling and/or toppling over while sealing.

Poly bags buckle at seal

Start with low heat setting and long seal dwell.  Gradually step up the heat to obtain proper seal.  You may need to lessen the seal dwell time as the jaw sealer gets hotter.


How to replace Magic Wand System wire

  1. Turn power supply switch to “OFF”.
  2. Lift wire from guide screw to allow spring tension to relax.
  3. Remove nut and without stretching spring, lift out screw to further relax wire.
  4. Remove screw and nut.
  5. Replace wire noting that the spring loop is between terminals of wire and lead wire.
  6. Replace screw and nut.
  7. Reinsert wire into slot of screw.
  8. Turn power “ON” and the unit is ready to operate