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Sealers | Magic Wand System

compact sealer, compact packaging option, small sealing machine
  • compact sealer, compact packaging option, small sealing machine
  • compact sealer, compact packaging option, small sealing machine
  • compact sealer, compact packaging option, small sealing machine

Product Overview

The Magic Wand System is a compact sealing solution perfect for creating various sized and shaped packages.  

Model MWS-I: Timed Impulse Heat
The sealing wire is activated by a push button switch which heats the wire to cut and seal the film being used. The heating cycle is determined by adjusting the seal timer on the power pack. Following one complete cycle, the sealing wire will cool until triggered again. This unit provides for greater sealing consistency as the timer controls the exact heat to the sealing wire during every heating cycle. Available in sizes: 24” & 36”

Model MWS-M: Manual Impulse Heat
The same system as the MWS-I except the operator controls the length of the heating cycle by depressing and holding the button switch. The unit is not automatically cycled off, but begins the cool down cycle as sson as the button is released.  Available in sizes: 18”, 24”

  • Fully Portable
  • Sealing Wand with Power Pack
  • Neoprene and Silicone Sealing Pads
  • Film Dispenser with Separator Bar
  • Hole Punch
  • Service Kit
  • For Use with Flexible Films, up to 10 mil thick

Machine Specs & Options

Power Requirement: 115 Volt, 10 Amp., 60 Cycles, Single Phase Circuit with Ground
Wattage: 1,150 Watts
Working Height: Table Top
Aluminum Tables Available: 28” D, 44” W, 29” H; 43” D, 44” W, 29” H
Weight (Wand and Power Pack Only): 
Impulse Heat: 14lbs. (6.35 kg);
Manual Impulse Heat: 9 lbs. (4.08 kg)
Warranty: 90 Days on Parts

  • MW-I-36, Timed Impulse, 36" Magic Wand Only
  • MW-I-24, Timed Impulse, 24" Magic Wand Only
  • MWS-M-18: Manual Impulse 18"
  • MWST-M-18: Manual Impulse 18" with Table
  • MWS-M-24: Manual Impulse 24"
  • MWST-M-24: Manual Impulse 24" with Table
  • MWS-I-24: Timed Impulse 24"
  • MWST-I-24: Timed Impulse 24" with Table
  • MWS-I-36: Timed Impulse 36"
  • MWST-I-36: Timed Impulse 36" with Table
  • 24” Sealing Block
  • Hot Air Gun 300-500 Degree F HG-115V (5402083)
  • Hot Air Gun Dual Heat 125V/1500W HD966 (5402081)


  • Magic Wand System

    Bryan Rakovec describing the setup and operating procedure of a manual model Magic Wand System.

  • Splicing film on Magic Wand System

    The Magic Wand sealing system is used to splice film, this is done to avoid re-threading sealing and shrink systems.

General Questions



How to replace Magic Wand System wire

  1. Turn power supply switch to “OFF”.
  2. Lift wire from guide screw to allow spring tension to relax.
  3. Remove nut and without stretching spring, lift out screw to further relax wire.
  4. Remove screw and nut.
  5. Replace wire noting that the spring loop is between terminals of wire and lead wire.
  6. Replace screw and nut.
  7. Reinsert wire into slot of screw.
  8. Turn power “ON” and the unit is ready to operate