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Heavy Duty Combos | Heavy Duty Combo System HDX350


Product Overview


The all new HDX Line is designed for today's requirements. Everything is completely top of the line; from the film cradle to the NEW RS-5 Plus digital controller, to the multiple knife profile seal bar, to the highly efficient shrink tunnel!

For more information on our new HDX line visit:


Heat Seal is happy to provide samples of your product wrapped on our machines, please contact your sales rep for details.

  • Control Panel
  • Conveniently positioned, RS-5 Plus Digital Controller with Three Year Warranty on Original Machine Controller Heavy_duty_mini_icon
  • Meets UL 508A Standard
  • Simple Operation and Precise Temperature Controls
  • Cycle Counter Comes Standard with Reset
  • Single Cord 220V Single Phase Power Supply
  • Sealing Area
  • Hot Knife Exact Seal System with Multiple Profile Options Heavy_duty_mini_icon
  • Cast Aluminum Seal Head with Stainless Film Clamps Heavy_duty_mini_icon
  • Balanced Magnetic Hold Down for Strong, Consistent Seals
  • Seal Conveyor with Smooth Product Transfer from Seal Area to Tunnel
  • Shrink Tunnel
  • Non-Stick Mesh Belt with Adjustable Riser Bar for Improved Bottom Shrink
  • Efficient MaxAir Tunnel Almost Triples the Airflow and Evenly Wraps Air Around the Package Heavy_duty_mini_icon
  • Automatic Cool Down Extends Heating Element Life
  • Other Features
  • Package Centering System for Even Shrink - Sealing and Tunnel Conveyor Move in Tandem Vertically. Tunnel Horizontal Quick Slide Adjustment. Heavy_duty_mini_icon
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Auto-Tensioning Film Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Casters and Levelers Heavy_duty_mini_icon

Machine Specs & Options

Film Capacity: 25” Wide (64 cm)
L Bar Seal Area: 21” W, 25” L (53 W, 64 L cm)
Inside Tunnel Dimensions: 27” L, 20” W, 12” H (69 L, 51 W, 30.5 H cm)
Tunnel Conveyor Speed: 0-20 Feet per Minute (0-6 meters per minute)
Overall Dimensions: 95” L, 35” W, 59” H (241 L, 89 W, 150 H cm)
Working Height: 38” (97 cm)
Power Requirements: 220 Volts, 60 Amp, Single Phase
Tunnel Wattage: 7,600 Watts
Weight: 1,080 lbs. (490 kg) 
Estimated Shipping Weight: 1,230 lbs. (558 kg) 

  • Powered Film Unwind with Perforating Roller and 10 Inch High Adjustable Inverting Head ico_question
  • Fully Stainless Steel Construction (HDX350S)
  • Left Hand Reverse Flow ico_question
  • ADD Heated Hole Punch
  • Scrap Wind Up ico_question
  • Powered Lift for Seal Conveyor
  • Air Actuating Seal Head
  • E-Stop Option ico_question
  • Conveyor Stop Option (In Lieu of E-Stop)
  • PTFE Non-Stick Mesh Tunnel Belt Rapid_hs_mini_icon ico_question
  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Tunnel Belt Rapid_hs_mini_icon ico_question
  • Spare Parts Kit (5820-020) Rapid_hs_mini_icon ico_question
  • Export Crating ico_question
  • GTC180/16- 180 Degree Gravity Turn Around Conveyor ico_question
  • GTC90/16- 90 Degree Gravity Turn Around Conveyor ico_question
  • AT36- 36" Powered Accumulator Table ico_question


  • HDX Film Threading Instructions

    The All NEW HDX Line is designed for today's requirements.  This simple film threading video can make anyone look like an expert.  Contact your sales rep for details.

  • All NEW HDX Line Features

    The All NEW HDX line is designed for today's demanding requirements. Watching this video will make it easy to see that there is nothing else like the new shrink combination line.

  • HDX350 Features

    With a 21" X 25" seal area, the HDX350 will be the largest, affordable combination system wit

  • HDX Line & HSE Paper Products Application

    The HSE100, HDX250, and HDX350 are shown together in this video running paper products.  See the capabilities of all three new models in one video!  

General Questions

What is an RS-5 Plus controller and what are the benefits?

*The RS-5 Plus Replaces the RS-3 Controller*
  • The RS-5 Plus is a programmable electronic controller designed to control an L Sealer or Combination Shrink System. The RS-5 Plus is setup to control several machine configurations through the digital keypad. The controller can be configured to control either impulse or hot knife L Sealers equipped with or without a shrink tunnel.
  • The RS-5 Plus controls: Seal Time, Side & Front Seal Temp, Seal Conveyor Run Time, Seal Conveyor Speed, Tunnel Conveyor Speed, Tunnel Temperature, Cycle Count, and Heated Hole Punch. 
  • Benefits of the RS-5 Plus Digital Controller:
    • Intuitive User Interface - Easy to use and understand control screens
    • Control Assurance - Precise, accurate digital settings
    • Durable and Robust - Heavy Duty Controller for high volume usage with repeatable results
    • Reliable - Precise PID temperature controls provide the most consistent operating temperature
    • Universal - Common controller across multiple Heat Seal machines
    • Certified - Meets UL 508A Standards
    • All with an Industry First - THREE Year Warranty on the machine’s original controller