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HDX Combo Line

There is no comparison to Heat Seal's Combination L Bar Sealer & Shrink Tunnel.

The New HDX Combo Line | 

The all new HDX Line is designed for today's requirements.  Everything is completely top of the line. We've outlined some of the brand new features of the new systems below and stayed tuned for more info.  So many great new features at the same fantastic price!  Click on the machine pictures for complete information on each HDX model. 



Video - HDX Combo Line Features

HDX Features

Control Panel

  • • RS-5 Plus Digital Controller with Three Year Warranty
  • • Meets UL 508A Standards
  • • Simple Operation and Precise Temperature Controls
  • • Cycle Counter Comes Standard with Reset
  • • Single Cord 220V Sinle Phase Power Supply Sealing Area

Sealing Area

  • • Hot Knife Exact Seal System with Multiple Knife Profile Options
  • • Balanced Magnetic Hold Down for Strong, Consistent Seals
  • • Larger Seal Areas on each machine model with Rugged Seal Arm Construction
  • • Seal Conveyor with Smooth Product Transfer from Seal Area to Tunnel
  • • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Seal head with Stainless Film Clamps

Shrink Tunnel

  • • Efficient, MaxAir Tunnel Almost Triples the Airflow and Evenly Wraps Air around the Package
  • • Multiple Belt Options Available with Riser Bar for Improved Bottom Shrink
  • • Automatic Cool Down Extends Heating Element Life

Other Features

  • • Package Centering System -  Sealing and Tunnel Conveyor Move in Tandem Vertically. Also, Tunnel has Horizontal Quick Slide Adjustment 
  • • Auto-Tensioning Film Cradle - For a Full Roll Down to the Core
  • • Rigid Construction for Solid Wrapping Performance
  • • Storage Shelf for overstock film rolls and other supplies
  • • TWO YEAR WARRANTY on Machine

HDX250 - Heavy Duty 220V, 17x21, Hot Knife

HDX350 - Heat Duty 220V, 21x25, Hot Knife


Combination Shrink Systems tightly wrap film around the package, here are some example applications:

  • • Food: Raw meat, cookies, sandwiches, pizzas, muffin boxes, dog treat boxes

  • • Cosmetics: multi-packs of shampoos and conditioners, hair sprays, beauty products, product samples

  • • Industrial parts: electrical components, fabricated parts

  • • Retail Packaging: from boxes to round containers, single packs and multi-packs

 - For complete information on our HSE Express Combo System, visit the HSE100 product detail page. -

Heat Seal is proud to manufacture all of our equipment in Cleveland, Ohio.  We make sure our customers receive the Highest Quality Machines with the most innovative features, and we're certain you will be impressed by our New HDX Combo Line. 

Contact your regional sales rep for more information.

Mike Slivers
Western Sales Manager
Cell: 216-272-1929

Bryan Rakovec
Eastern Sales Manager
Cell: 216-533-0082

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