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Floor Models | Energy Smart® Photo Eye Floor Model

Product Overview

The new Energy Smart® Wrapper proven to significantly reduce energy costs by 80%.  The 200ES is an on-demand hand wrap machine, which the seal plate only consumes energy when you need to seal a package.  This unit is actuated when you place a product on the seal plate, the photo eye sees the product and actuates the seal cycle.  The 200ES has GFCI in the electrical box and combines many features of the traditional models 104A and 107A, including a 8" x 15" seal plate and 20" film capacity in a new compact design.  When substituting to the optional 6"x15" seal plate, this model replaces the 112AHP.  

Calculate your savings and find more information about utility rebates on the Energy Smart® page.

Please contact Karie at (216) 341-2022, ext. 203 or for information regarding the qualification process, testing program, education and commercialization. 

  • Fixed Distance Photoeye to Detect All Tray Colors
  • Self-Regulating Boardless Square Rod for Increased Transversal Rigidity and Consistent Cutting
  • Two Color LED for Photoeye Indication is Amber to Convey Seal Plate Heating, and Red when Seal Plate Reaches Sealing Temperature
  • NEW Circuit Breakers Replace Fuses for Fast and Easy Reset with less Maintenance
  • Supplied with a Replaceable Non-Stick Cover to Maintain a Hygienic Seal Surface
  • Patented, on-demand sealing technology, energy is consumed by the film seal plate only when store associates need to seal a package
  • 8” by 15” On-Demand Seal Plate Conserves 75-85% in Energy Costs
  • GFCI for Improved Circuit Integrity and Protection
  • Stainless Steel Wrapping Surface
  • Stretch Film - 20” Maximum Width
  • Provides significant energy conservation by no longer requiring the seal plate to be energized throughout the day
  • Maintains levels of productivity seen with the old style wrappers
  • Rounded Stainless Steel Front Plate for Easy Wipe Down
  • Splash Shield, Lower Shelf
  • Heavy Gauge Welded Aluminum Frame
  • Utility Rebates may be Available

Machine Specs & Options

Model 200ESC 200ESA
Film Mount New Cradle System 
Saves Labor,
Quick Film Changeover

Axle System
Great Film Control

Film Capacity Two 20" Two 20"
Seal Plate 8" x 15"  OR 6" x 15"*
Overall Dimensions 24" D, 25"W, 36" H Standard
Working Height Adjustable from 33"to 39"
Power Requirement      115 Volt, 60Hz, 132 Watts
Shipping Weight 90 lbs. (40 kg)


*8"x15" Seal Plates are typically better for Family Packs and Larger Tray Sizes (Replaces models 104A, 107A, 102A).  6"x15" Available as option (Replaces model 112AHP).

  • 200ESC8: (2) Roll 20" Film Capacity, 8" x 15" Seal Plate, Cradle Mount ico_question
  • 200ESC6: (2) Roll 20" Film Capacity, 6" x 15" Seal Plate, Cradle Mount ico_question
  • 200ESA8: (2) Roll 20" Film Capacity, 8" x 15" Seal Plate, Axle Mount ico_question
  • 200ESA6: (2) Roll 20" Film Capacity, 6" x 15" Seal Plate, Axle Mount ico_question



Energy Smart maintenance

The Energy Smart wrapper is easy to maintain.  Always remember to power off the unit before cleaning.  Here are some tips to prolong the life of your unit.


  • Ensure the Non-Stick Cover is in good condition.  Replace when worn or about every 3 months.

  • Clean the cut-off rod for best film cutting.  Place paper towels below the cut off rod and spray the cutoff with an FDA degreaser, scrub with a scouring pad (ie. Scotch Brite) to remove the build up from the rod.

  • Keep Seal Plate clean of juices. Spray a soft cloth or paper towel with cleaner or degreaser if necessary to remove any juices.  Avoid spraying the seal plate directly.

  • The wrappers are wipe down only.  DO NOT submerge or wash down the wrappers.